Episode 43

Published on:

11th Nov 2022

Fall E9: The Hope of Heaven

Tonight we are going to talk about heaven! I love this topic because it is filled with hope. You know, we spend a lot of time on Crushing Snakes dealing with cultural issues. The reason we focus on cultural issues is because there are so many ideas out there that are threatening the well-being of our brothers and sisters in Jesus and we believe God is using this podcast to reach out to them and encourage them in the midst of all the darkness they see around them. So we spend a lot of time talking about dark and evil ideas. But not tonight! Tonight, we are going to talk about the reward of heaven.

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Crushing Snakes with Biblical Truth
You’re a believer in Jesus Christ and you’re hungry for biblical truth but in today’s culture, biblical truth is getting harder to find – even in the church. But not here. In this podcast, we’ll specifically talk about the truths that can be found in Scripture and apply them to trending cultural topics – and we’ll do it in plain English – without the filter of political correctness. We are a brother and sister duo with military backgrounds who understand what it means to do battle against an enemy. In each season of Crushing Snakes we will engage in conversation about lies that are creeping into a Christian’s daily life and how to crush them with biblical truth.

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Jason Eckman

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Who I am is not of importance, but whom I serve is of the utmost importance. It is Christ Jesus who I humbly serve, and through him I have received the grace and discipleship to proclaim the righteousness and truth of His Gospel. Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior over all mankind, and it is the fulfillment of God’s will that I contend for the faith as He has redeemed me from the bondages of sin. As a faithful disciple of Christ, it is my obligation and duty to share with others that hope that mankind has in HIM!!!

With me comes an extensive background of global experiences, multiple combat tours, and fearless leadership that will be utilized with God’s Holy Word to stand and defend the Christian faith. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes,” (Rom. 1:16, NIV).

Kim McCutcheon

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What I want people to know about me above all else is that I am a believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been a redeemed Christian for decades (since I was 12 years old). I've served in various church leadership roles and have a special love for Christian apologetics. I served in the Army as an officer in the Chemical Corps for 8 years. My purpose in doing this podcast with my brother, Jason, is to teach other "Joe Christians" how to put on God's armor as we are called to do (Ephesians Chapter 6) and stand and defend our faith. It's not just the pastor's job. We are all called to do it. Let's get started!